How to make a resume

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There are several basic mistakes that even experienced writers make. And, this subsequently leads to failures. How to avoid this, and achieve the perfect resume? 1. From the very beginning, as mentioned earlier, you need to eliminate errors, and then format the text itself. Never, any self-respecting expert will read this resume to the end, and it will simply go to the trash. It is recommended that headings and subtitles be properly distinguished, to bring everything into one format. As you know, people who work constantly, with a huge amount of information, are able to read diagonally and selectively view what is needed. The unformatted text looks very implausible, in which the author claims that he has excellent computer skills. 2. Drawing up a sample resume. During the day, a huge amount of documents go through before specialists working with an open vacancy and almost any qualified worker can easily guess which copy was actually written and which one just downloaded from the Internet site. Often, regularly repeated clones of summaries cause a negative reaction and even without interesting ones in reading. Therefore, they are sent immediately to the pile, where the candidates face failure.

3. Summary, compiled in PDF format. Such documents are almost never seriously considered. The thing is that not all programs support this format and are easy to read. Most likely, any expert will prefer the Word format, it is familiar and easy to use. 4. False in writing. It is very important both for the employee of the personnel department and for the senior-level specialist that the information given is true. Moreover, large organizations have their own security services, which, as in the banking structure, have the ability to easily verify the information provided. And, if it concerns specifically your skills, which do not exist in reality, then at the first interview there will be a need to pass the test and everything will become clear, only the situation will not be pleasant for everyone.

5. Posting inappropriate photos. There are companies in which the availability of a photo is a prerequisite for preparing and sending a resume. You need to understand that this is an official document, where the photo in a bathing suit or against the background of the home environment is simply not relevant. This is a serious mistake. Moreover, sometimes applicants place a large photo, which at one time is also difficult. Such a resume, entering by mail to the employer, significantly slows down the whole process, because the file opens for a very long time and creates inconvenience for the work of the entire office. Best of all, if the picture is not large and with a typical image, where there is a business suit and the background is very appropriate for such a case. 6. Almost empty resume. Sometimes there is a situation in which the applicant does not have any work experience, and draw up a document, he leaves a lot of empty lines and puts dashes. This is a gross violation. In any case, even if the experience is not accumulated, there is some kind of social activity in which he was engaged as a student or works and works that were written, and the text can be formatted in such a way that it does not seem empty and flawed.