How to write a resume

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In the entire modern world, composing an CV of an owl, in order to increase their own chances of getting a vacant position and more fully tell about their own candidacy, a special cover letter to the CV is made. It allows in a more free form to present their unique abilities, and provides several advantages. How to make a cover letter and what is there to write? Let’s try to create one general plan according to which, it will be possible The average volume of such a letter, according to experts, should be about 2 paragraphs out of 5 sentences. In order to properly arrange a cover letter and avoid unpleasant situations, you should follow these rules:

Rule number 1. The business style of writing is mandatory here, and all references to “You” and their derivatives are necessarily written with a capital letter. As for the sense of humor, if you possess it perfectly, and you are sure that by applying it not to practice, if you don’t spoil the letter to the owl, you can slightly dilute the basic style. Rule number 2. Again, you should not write long texts and sentences, describing the story from birth to today. Everything is done briefly and on the topic. Rule number 3. You should not contact your potential leader with the words “You should”, it is best to use the subjunctive mood. Rule number 4. One of the important points can be called that it is necessary to control yourself, talking about your former colleagues or leadership, especially using abusive forms. It will make you think negatively about your candidacy.

Rule number 5. Many experts advise you to tell about your own individual abilities and refer to stress resistance and performance. Specific examples of such cover letters can very often be found on the Internet. Rule number 6. And here, it’s not worth writing about your own hobbies and home hobbies. This has nothing to do with the production process and will not affect the decision to hire you. Rule number 7. It would be nice to specifically indicate that at any opportunity you would easily agree to an interview and are ready, if necessary, to tell about yourself any interesting information in more detail within the framework of working moments. Rule number 8. Making such a letter, you need to pay special attention to all spelling and punctuation errors. Check the text for their absence and clarify the consistency of the proposals, the presence of meaning and the correctness of their preparation. Rule number 9. If there is such an opportunity, offer to read it to some third-party person who will be able to appreciate your creativity with a fresh look.